Wednesday, 21 March 2007

technological evolution

I books, I Phones, E Bay, I Tunes, I Store, E Sure, My Space, Blogging, Phishing, Spoofing, Spamming, I Pods, E get the picture.

I was contemplating last night, the way in which technology has affected my life. I can listen to what I want, communicate with whomever I want, buy whatever I need and play out the narrative in my own blog daily all with the touch of a few buttons.

Take MySpace, I can have my favourite music, photographs, friends, movies, books, food and cultural leanings all nicely packaged up and given their own web address. It's a blank canvass for me to show the world who I am. I can choose a background, a soundtrack and even organise my beloveds in to their rightful "Top 8" order. How fabulous!

Now, I like to think that I am pretty unapolagetic about who I am. I may not always be happiness and light, but I am confident and comfortable in my own skin. However, do even the most confident and self assured fall prey to self censorship and creative licence? Do we create our own electronic personalities, which become so ingrained in us that it's hard to tell where our virtual reality starts and ends? Hmmm, I am unsure if I am in a position to answer my own question, after all, my technological renaissance came circa. 1985 with a Beta video player and an Alaskan pen pal.

I'm sure I won't ponder this for too long. I've got to go and post off my latest ebay clearout.


Julia said...

Very good post. I think about this often.

Years ago I was once part of a huuuuuge online message board type thing, and that was my first taste of people being different in real life to their onscreen personas. Turned me off the whole online community thing.

Then I started my blog, and it was like my electronic diary. But as more and more people read and comment, you can't help but occassionally being aware of what you're writing, and how it will be perceived. And that's when I get a bad taste in my mouth, because that's not my intention with my blog. So I push on, and write it anyway, and it feels good, because it's honest. And there's no better feeling than being honest with yourself.

Luli said...

I agree completely; there isn't any better feeling than being honest with yourself. And, you've a great blog if you don't mind me saying : )

Julia said...

Right back atcha! x