Thursday, 8 March 2007

Billy Joel and Moleskins

Another gorgeous day in London. Well, if you ignore the usual heavy cloud of pollution, that even if you cannot see it, you still feel it as you breath in the cool "fresh" air. Sounds appealing, I'm sure.

Thankfully, affairs of the heart are currently without drama and angst. I absolutely adore peacefulness. I cannot bear it when people confuse unnecessary arguments as being tantamount to a passionate relationship. Give me the passion, i'll leave behind the kleenex. Ta.

I spent a lovely afternoon with my gorgeous and dear friend D, we wandered up the road from my flat to Exmouth Market, just near Holborn. Exmouth Market is a little enclave off of Roseberry Avenue with a collection of fab little restaurants, boutiques, patisseries and bookshops. Sipping on one the best coffees I've had since arriving back from Paris, we amused ourselves with catching up, people watching and sit-down bopping to Billy Joel eighties crap-but-sorta-good anthems.

I also re-discovered these fabulous little moleskin city guides. A friend of mine introduced them to me in Paris. They have local street maps as well as space for notes and review pages that you fill in yourself so that you can document your most (or least) favourite restaurants, museums, galleries, boutiques etc. A rather cool way to record a trip or re-discover your own hometown.

Tonight was a fairly relaxed affair. M & I prepared a lovely meal of home made burgers with organic beef and avocado, roasted vegetables and garlic infused mayonnaise. Lazy food for a lazy evening.


Julia said...

I love these city Moleskines! I have bought myself the Paris one and my friend who I am travelling with in June/July the Madrid one (our first stop) as a surprise.

Now I want burgers!

Luli said...

They're great, aren't they? Ooh, you are going to travel to Europe this Northern summer? Will you go to France again?