Tuesday, 20 March 2007


Brrrr........ it's freezing! I exaggerate a touch perhaps, it's not too bad, but crazy for this time of year.

I spent a lovely weekend in Oxford visiting my very old friend S. She is living in a beautiful old house, in a little town called Brill, where she is caring for a charming 87 year old aristocrat who insists on calling her a "lovely boy". S has just been awarded a PHD scholarship so will be returning home to commence her doctorate shortly. It has always been her dream to work as an academic and I'm very proud of her.

As I arrived back in London yesterday, I was keeping M abreast with weather updates, calling him to advise every time a shower started. Being born and bred in Manchester, M indulges my excitement with a "Hmm, that's nice".

Yay to snow.

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