Thursday, 15 March 2007


If this drink does what it claims to, I want some. I've been locked in dental agony for the last 36 hours and was forced to make an emergency trip to the dentist yesterday. The joyous news; a root canal tomorrow at 9am. On the upside, I have a completley irrational fear of dentists which I seem to have conquered. I was in so much pain that I didn't care a bit what they did, I just wanted the pain to stop. Feeling much more comfortable now and hopefully all will be fixed soon.

Loveland seems to have lost its shine through all of this. Now don't get me wrong. I am ordinarily pretty good when I'm sick and I actually don't like a fuss to be made of me. However, with M knowing how ill I was, did he come home at a reasonable hour? No, he went off and got shitfaced with his workmates. Nice! The piece de resistance was when he called me at around 9.30pm to let me know that he was "just going to one more pub" before he came home. And, when I said to him "Okay, well have a good time and I'll see you in a bit", replied "I don't seen how I can have a good time when you are sounding like your dying". Hmm, am I supposed to try and sound better just so he can enjoy his pint?

Feeling grumpy today.


Julia said...

Oh I share how you must feel.

But don't worry, I will bake up something delicious this weekend and pass on the recipe (as close to bringing over some chicken soup as I can think of). Hope you are feeling better post-dentist (urgh, the dentist).

Luli said...

Thank you sweets! You're a doll.