Thursday, 22 March 2007

coffee v tea

I collect teapots and adore my espresso machine, however, I can't decide which could I not live without.

The aroma of coffee and the full taste of that first sip is, to me, heaven on earth. I remember being in Italy a few years ago, alone in Venice, visiting the Piazza San Marco. It was mid-morning, unusually quiet and the orchestra was just about to start up. Despite the exorbitant price of the cafes on the square, the romanticist in me broke free, and as I pulled up a chair the music began. The price for my one coffee: 14.90 Euro (5.00 euro music charge). A complete tourist trap, but sitting alone in the near empty square is something I'll never forget. That day it felt like the music was playing just for me.

Tea on the other hand, is comfort. I love the ritual associated with brewing tea, and the wild and different tastes available. It will always remind of visiting friends, sitting on porches and chatting the afternoon away to night.

Exoticism v comfort. Lucky for me, I can have both.


Julia said...

Mmm, I love both equally as well. I was always a tea girl - coffee made me tired, and I never get that perk - but then the first trip to Italy made me fall in love. I've started drinking more coffee here, but still need at least two mugs of tea to get me through the day - but the coffee is something I really look forward to in Italy and France.

Luli said...

Hmm, I do get the rush of coffee, so that would definitely be hard to live without.

European coffee is fantastic. Although when in Europe I tend to smoke even more with my refreshments, as you can at nearly every cafe! (For a little while longer anyway, as even Paris has made it a law to not smoke in public!)