Tuesday, 13 March 2007

cloudy days and hormones

I woke up with a start this morning. It is one of those days where the light is deceiving and you are not quite sure what the time is. So as you open your eyes and look around, you think to yourself; "It couldn't possibly be later than 6am", when in fact, it's 9. It's funny, I've been living away from Oz for four years and I still have not adjusted to the light over here. Sometimes it feels a little like being in a room with lights on dim.

Please forgive my ramblings. Today I am severely pre-menstrual. I hate the fact that each month I fall victim to this irrational hyper sensitive state of mind and, the worst part about it is, that I am aware of it the whole time. The fact that I start to get upset over nothing, become completely irrational, and view everything through a haze of hormones, is still not encouragement enough to fight the apathy I feel about buying some Evening Primose Oil in the faint hope of alleviating the symptoms. On the upside, I don't suffer nearly as bad as my sister who becomes, quite frankly, a little deranged.

There is something about PMT that makes you re-examine everything in your life from your wardrobe to your relationship and - decide that it is all shit. In fact, there is probably no better time than now to call your boyfriend and tell him how inconsiderate he is and then accuse him off not loving you the way that you deserve to be loved. Follow this up with going shopping and maxing out already maxed out credit cards. When the guilt of what you've done starts to creep up on you: cry, eat, repeat.

Photo of M and I. If you look closely, you can see the neurotic look starting to creep accross my face.

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