Wednesday, 4 July 2007

my top 5

If anyone has seen High Fidelity, you will appreciate the importance of being able to list one's top 5.

So here goes. The best 5 things that have happened to me so far:

1. Driving through the Kalahari. Seated in the luxury of our rental car, this has to go down as one of the most memorable things I've ever done. To be in Africa and be able put in to perspective how incrementally small one's existence is amongst the vast plains of nothingness. Amazing.

2. Walking Annapurna in Nepal. I used to smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, chased down with double espressos and polished off with a Vodka Martini in the evening. The fact that I did this, and didn't drop down dead of a heart attack is a testament to the power of my stubborn nature. All of my much more active friends were very proud (i.e. surprised) I made it. (First over the finish line too, I might add!) I also got one of my nicknames whilst I was there; Didi. It means big sister in Nepalese. I am choosing to believe that I was christened so due to being fairly tall and not because I look older than my years.

3. Reading in my Nan's bedroom on a summer afternoon. I loved my grandmother with all that I am. She was beautiful, intelligent, feisty and a chocoholic. I spent hundreds of afternoons cuddled up with her in bed, watching the boats in the bay, munching on her chocolate supply and reading books. I will never, ever forget how safe and loved she made me feel.

4. Ciggies and wine on the terrace with my friends I have astoundingly wonderful friends. Sitting outside, with great food, wine, company and an assortment of musical instruments is how I've spent many, many a night.

5. Getting my heartbroken It's amazing how you can feel the happiest and the saddest at the same time.

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

love and other catastrophes

You would not believe it if you read about it. Well, perhaps you would, but...I've been struck by a cold again. The second in a month. This displeases me greatly and I've spent the last few days holed up in bed feeling very sore and sorry for myself. I am hoping that I am on the mend.

Well, I've been back in Australia for a little over a month. That actually astounds me. It seems as though a lifetime has passed over the last few weeks and I'm still in a little bit of a daze. I'm still in Brisvegas and whilst the original plan was to head back down to Sydney, now I'm not so sure. I have absolutely no idea what my plans are and that actually feels great. I'm doing some temp work with the Environmental Protection Agency to earn some cash, I'm hanging out with my friends and generally cavorting about town.

M & I have spoken twice over the last ten days. In the years we have been together, we had never previously gone longer than a day or two without speaking. I don't know what is happening to us. I know I'm getting stronger now, and I feel a little like I'm emerging from a cacoon that I created for myself whilst wrapped in my relationship. It feels good to have myself back.

Of course, I would not be me if I did not have some wild romantic fantasy going on and here is my latest. To quote the lovely Miss Apple, I'm "far too in love with inappropriate men to function"*

Monday, 2 July 2007

ten things i hate about you...

Delivered with some considerable delay, my first ever meme:

1. Emos.

I have posted on this before. I can't even stand the word, let alone the purported persona that is attached to these people. Yes, life is shit somtimes. Yes, the facists have fucked us all. But for god's sake, pull yourself together and get a bloody job.

2. Public Spitters.

I know most probably dislike this, but I find it utterly repulsive

3. Stupid Questions.

I have wonderful, fantastic & beautiful friends from all walks of life. For this fact I'm incredibly grateful. However, the other night at dinner when I was discussing the work that I had done with indigneous people in Africa, someone asked me: "No, but tell me, seriously...were you tempted to buy the diamonds?".

Oh, well of course, I only do the social justice stuff in order to ease my conscience when the light catches my latest 5 carat purchase.

4. Out of control binge drinkers.

No. I don't want to see your tits.

Yes. Running in to that hedge that covers a wrought iron fence is going to hurt.

5. Inconsiderate Cyclists.

Saving the environment: good. Running down innocent bystanders at pedestrian crossings: bad.

6. Accent shifts.

I have the most disturbing accent ever at the moment. I really hate it. I'm watching neighbours repeats to try and flush out my weird Australian/Southern England/Mancunian mess.

7. Liberal Party Campaigners

I was driving the other day and there were these two young blokes decked out in full party costuming (hats, caps, flags) waving at motorists, trying to drum up support. Has my homeland morphed in to the United States while I've been gone?

8. Bitchiness

Don't get me wrong, I like a good natter over a nice cup of tea. Tearing someone to shreds for something to do? Not cool.

9. Racists.

My heart goes out to the family of Murrinyi Domadagee.

10. Career Public Servants.

Don't get me one my sister works for the Art Gallery which is a government run body, but god, the attitude of some of these people is incredible. Their notion of work? Even more astounding.

If anyone is still reading this...I tag Frog, Cowboy, Chloe, Julia & Danielle.