Tuesday, 8 May 2007


The people that I have stumbled upon in this weird world of blogging are truly amazing.

Last night, I stumbled across the latest post of Audrey, a talented young writer from Australia. I cannot adequately form the words to express how her post moved me. Her ability to write so candidly about what is without a doubt one of the hardest things anyone could go through, is astonishing.

I don't have a god that I pray to, but if I did, I'd pray for her.


Anonymous said...

I swear I am going to need a tissue box beside the computer, everytime I read your blog.
;) Delphine

audrey said...

Luli, thankyou for linking to me because if you hadn't I wouldn't have discovered the loveliness that is your work. Your post that opened with Clementine's line from ESOTSM is particularly apt right now.


Luli said...

hi delpine - some happier posts coming soon : )

Audrey, ESOTSM is a wonderful movie. I've been thinking of you the last couple of days. I'm wishing all the happiness in the world across the sea and through the hills till it hits your front door. xo

Julia said...

Thank you for linking too, because my heart is now reaching out for Audrey and her family.