Tuesday, 3 July 2007

love and other catastrophes

You would not believe it if you read about it. Well, perhaps you would, but...I've been struck by a cold again. The second in a month. This displeases me greatly and I've spent the last few days holed up in bed feeling very sore and sorry for myself. I am hoping that I am on the mend.

Well, I've been back in Australia for a little over a month. That actually astounds me. It seems as though a lifetime has passed over the last few weeks and I'm still in a little bit of a daze. I'm still in Brisvegas and whilst the original plan was to head back down to Sydney, now I'm not so sure. I have absolutely no idea what my plans are and that actually feels great. I'm doing some temp work with the Environmental Protection Agency to earn some cash, I'm hanging out with my friends and generally cavorting about town.

M & I have spoken twice over the last ten days. In the years we have been together, we had never previously gone longer than a day or two without speaking. I don't know what is happening to us. I know I'm getting stronger now, and I feel a little like I'm emerging from a cacoon that I created for myself whilst wrapped in my relationship. It feels good to have myself back.

Of course, I would not be me if I did not have some wild romantic fantasy going on and here is my latest. To quote the lovely Miss Apple, I'm "far too in love with inappropriate men to function"*


Chloe said...

inappropriate love feeds the heart too. you won't be cosumed by it, but you'll grow.
I loved the English Patient and The End of the Affair (another inappropriate love, both with Ralph fiennes though!) xx

Anonymous said...

I agree...and great quote.